The Moving Circus is a creative mulitiplidiscinary agency based in Brussels. We are an integrated collective of illustrators, designers, animators and storytellers. Our diverse approach and skill set means that we are not bound by tradition. We are storytellers and we create carefully crafted message. No technique or media are acquired to us, we will find a proper expression for your identity. Our goal is to deliver creative excellence. 


"The is an infinity of ways to give life to your ideas "


  • Animation


  • Motion Design


  • Illustration

  • Graphic Design 

Klanten als referentie

  • Thalys
  • ​Johnson & Johnson 
  • Marriott Asia Pacific 
  • We Are All Parents
  • ​Ticketflap
  • ​Mr The Artist 
  • ​Feeding Hong Kong
  • ​... ​​
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