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We are a fast growing technology company with a strong focus on application development.


We are a fast growing technology company with a strong focus on application development. At Appstrakt we thoroughly master a broad range of programming technologies and platforms. We develop applications for mobile device, tablets, browsers and desktops. We can even build apps that run on printers, how's that for broad compatibility?
By knowing and understanding every detail of the technologies we work with,
we're able to give clients the opportunity to go deep in functionality and wide in platform compatibility. 360° just got a whole new meaning :)


As an Appstrakt Project manager you manage projects from < to />. This means you're involved from the presale phase throughout the delivery and aftercare of your projects.
You master the planning of the different projects you're responsible for by efficiently allocating all resources. You pilot every team member trough the different phases of a project, even when that means having to put illegal substances in their coffee or lunch :) That’s how you make sure everything gets done within the agreed time and budget.


- Application development is your second nature, so you speak Developer! Yes, that’s a language around here. Your first nature is probably being a total ctrl freak.
- Experience with project management methods is a big fat plus.
- You are capable of handling different projects at a time without losing perspective.
- A fast growing and constantly changing environment is your perfect habitat.
- You are not scared to take initiative.
- You manage your team members’ stress levels as well as your own.
- Fluently Dutch and English, French is a ‘nice to have’
PHP, C, C++, C#, Java, and so on are bonuses…Russian, only when drunk.
- You will get the job done!


- An attractive salary with some nice extra's (salary, not celery, the nice vegetable)
- Kick-ass projects & clients
- Room for self-development, it's not an actual room, so don't expect a work out space.
- Opportunities to grow together with the company (including sister companies)
- Funky Fridays… this is when your Russian comes in handy.


Drop us an email at attached with your CV and hopefully some references.

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