EnGenius introduces High-Performance Dual-Band Wireless Accespoint

EAP600: This month EnGenius introduced the new EAP600. The EAP600 is a wireless-11n 600Mbps High Power Dual Band concurrent ceiling mount AP. The EAP600 allows simultaneous operation of 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Because of the media-optimized performance surfing on internet is more smoothly, with less tag. Besides the more smoothly internet, Maxima 29dBm high power transmission provides extended coverage in the environment of the users.


Key Selling Points EAP600

The EAP600 ensures many advantages and is very user-friendly for  their end users. 
The wireless –N EAP 600 offers more expanded options for users who transfer large files within the network or use other bandwidth intensive applications.

The EAP600 can be configured to operate in several different modes – as a dual-band Wireless-N Access Point, a WDS Access Point, or Repeater.  It operates in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency. EAP600 support 8 SSIDs in 2.4GHz and 8 SSIDs in 5GHz, moreover traffic shaping function allows users to manage the traffic that goes in and out of the device. By setting the percentage of data rate in each SSID, users can control the load of the device easily.

EAP600 is designed with slim and white color outlook, that matches with every interior decoration. Multiple mounting types provide user friendly installation.

EnGenius supplies Wi-Fi solutions for data and telecommunications since 1993. EnGenius position itself as a leading manufacturer of wireless products and actively pursuing new trends and technologies.

With an excellent transmitting and receiving performance of our products, EnGenius is able to gain a large market share in the various consumer and business segments.


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