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Adhese is a software company situated in Ghent, we provide ad management and analytics tools for a large, and growing, chunk of the online market. We work for companies like 'de Telegraaf, Corelio , Roularta, Pebblemedia, NRC, de Persgroep' and many other

We are looking for an extra lead developer to help make sure our technology keeps up with our vision, to help us grow, get better at what we do and pleasantly surprise ourselves and our clients.
We see a core developer as the person who looks beyond the mere programming to the big picture and who gets excited about working on this interconnection of systems (... java enterprise, javascript front-end, mysql database, fastcgi server component, data processing, ...).
He or she can take ideas, turn them around, break them apart and create a solution capable of realising those ideas and bring them to a higher level.
Adhese gathers a huge amount of information from a massive number of internet users. We then present that data on a more human scale for our clients, so they can work with it and make it profitable (on many different levels). We use a variety of technologies to make the different parts of Adhese work together, and we're looking for someone who can not only develop, but who can also help create and maintain the "glue" between parts of Adhese, and between Adhese and our clients' systems.
We work in a small team, and we like our development team to be independent and self-organised with an open mind towards ideas and discussions. But it is definitely the responsibility of the core developers to help plan, organise, lead and support the programming and to make sure that, well ‘things get done’.
It’s an opportunity to create and share a story that combines our ideas on the future of online, independence, privacy and long term relationships with the high tech programming that goes on in our cosy offices.
That’s it! If needed, please feel free to read the required capabilities below.
You :
  • are a senior developer with ‘sufficient’ experience in java, mysql, c++, python... (pick two or tell us more)
  • know how to work with and in a team of fellow developers
  • have a clear idea on long term development and are willing to work on complex problems
  • are not afraid to address and lead people
  • can listen to non-technical ideas and know how to translate them to your field of expertise
  • understand that our business is quite competitive and that growth can be fast or slow...
  • have an urge to give projects silly names, preferably those that only fellow developers seem to understand ...
We offer :
  • a secure position, but also an opportunity to build, grow with us and all the adventure that entails
  • nice office, decent people , interesting discussions,
  • competitive salary with extras 
  • yes, a nice chair 
Contact : info@adhese.com
other jobs :  www.adhese.com/jobs
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