Our company is located in Liege (Belgium) and was created in 2011 by Benoit Pironet.

The three current activity domains of Be The Wave are IT Consulting, Web Agency and Innovative products/services developments.

IT Consulting

  • SharePoint 2010 & Drupal specialist; 
  • Enterprise portals, Content Management Systems (CMS);
  • PHP, .Net, Java custom developments;
  • Functional / Technical analysis;

Web Agency

  • Internet, Intranet and extranet websites;
  • E-Shopping websites;
  • Search Engine Optimization;
  • Advertising campaign management;

Innovative products / services 

  • Development of Web 2.0 innovative product / service concepts.

Klanten als referentie

Parlement européen - European Data Protection Officer - AG Insurance - C-Services (Lux) - Banque du Portugal à Luxembourg (BCP) - Sword Technologies - K-Company - NSI - APB (Pharmacie.be) - iTeos Therapeutics - Théâtre & Publics asbl - Groupov asbl - Arsenic asbl
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