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Grootte van het bedrijf : +10
Adres : Lozenberg 23d airway park - 1932 zaventem
City : Zaventem
Phone : +3243490609
Contactpersoon : Laurent Kinet
Functie : CEO
Lid van : - Feweb

K Company


K is an innovation-infused new-generation company that thinks and builds the digital organisation. K delivers full-service digital business solutions that amplify the relationship between organisations and their stakeholders. New rules call for new business models. Being part of the major ICT player Cronos, K Company combines the flexibility of small squads with the robustness of big groups. K Company thinks, chooses, conceives and operates Business Solutions using technologies mastered by the Cronos Group, enhanced and put in music by our expert consultants.

Klanten als referentie

BNP Paribas Fortis - D'Ieteren - Région Wallonne - Knauf - AXA - Johnson & Johnson - Randstad - Gouvernement fédéral belge - Commission Européenne - IBA - AstraZeneca - AG Insurance - Residence Palace - Skoda - etc.

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