Kevin Raymakers

Kevin Raymakers

Global Director Customer Engagement


From Pharma Mindsets to Digital Innovation

The idea is to show the duality of mindsets in which pharma companies live now concerning technology. Many are still very much opposed as they have been doing business the same way, for a very long time – especially in marketing. With technology rapidly advancing and the influx of the younger generation, they are now confronted to a mandatory change of mindset. But at the same time, they are also looking at this new technology to save patients’ lives.

Kevin joined Pfizer during the summer of 2014 and is leading the digital transformation and digital strategy for the company since then. One of his key focus points is to provide a patient-centric approach to all innovations being launched, in order to improve the patients well-being and everyday life. He’s also one of the leading figures behind the first mHealth hackathon, in Belgium endorsed by the Belgian ministers of Health and Digital Agenda.

Before joining Pfizer, Kevin led the digitalization of Sony Music and Sony Pictures, preparing and maturing the landscape for them with the rise, of the back then, new digital models of streaming services (launching Spotify & Deezer) as well as the Video on-demand models for the movie industry (launching Netflix).