Julien Stocq

Julien Stocq
Partner Digital & Innovation
Pwc Belgium

Connecting customer, employee and leadership experience to transform my organisation


70% of digital transformation initiatives don’t achieve their goal. Although a lot can go wrong at any point in a transformation project, we regularly see a misalignment between two dimensions:

  1. Transformation projects are increasingly impacted by often overlooked aspects like

    GDPR, security, privacy and compliance. If a team isn’t ready to deal with factors such as these, a well-scoped and well-defined agile project might rapidly turn into a cumbersome waterfall nightmare. So it’s key that the project team and approach are up to the challenge.

  2. Customer Experience is a key success factor for creating value for your customers - but focusing solely on Customer Experience isn’t enough. It’s crucial to get full commitment from leadership so they’re willing to invest in the project, and to consciously involve your people whose buy-in is essential to make the experience happen. Striking the right balance between Customer Experience, Leadership Experience and Employee Experience is the recipe for success.

Julien and Johan will shed light on how to solve the misalignment between these two dimensions, illustrated by best practices and examples.

Julien has been leading the Experience Consulting, Experience Centre & Digital Services practices at PwC Belgium since 2018, building further on a wealth of previous exciting experiences in the fields of technology, innovation and digital transformation.

Julien has a solid background of 17 years in both business and technology, and has taken part in many digital transformation journeys in different industries.

Over the past years Julien has held a variety of consulting and corporate executive positions, roles which enable him to understand and envision a broad range of perspectives when assisting clients.

Today Julien puts his senior expertise, experience and leadership at the disposal of his clients, to help them reimagine the possible and find the best way to get there. He’s

passionate about designing new service models, leveraging new user centred and digital approaches and making sure that transformation journeys stay on track, remain aligned with the strategic vision and deliver measurable business value.

In addition to his professional activities, Julien also helps run a tribe of 3 digital natives at home in Walloon Brabant (2 daughters and one son). To maintain his energy and creativity for his digital activities, he enjoys the very real world pursuits of mountain biking, astronomy and windsurfing.