Marc Vanhoutteghem

Marc Vanhoutteghem
CRM & Customer Experience


During the presentation I propose to first present the way we monitor customer satisfaction and how we take benefit of the gathered feedbacks to tackle and prevent our customer concerns. Actionable insights lead to improvement in procedure and processes but also lead to innovative and transformation projects... Reversely, innovation as such, if used appropriately, can also bring inspiration to improve customer experience, on-line or in stores. Finally I propose to conclude by presenting the Growth Hacking methodology we recently introduced in our marketing department that allows us to experiment new concepts and innovation in an agile and rationale way.


Marc Vanhoutteghem is “Support Manager CX & CRM” at FNAC-Vanden Borre. Marc Joined Vanden Borre 2.5 years ago. After 11 years in the IT sector, he co-founded Uniway in 1995 (now SII Belgium) specialized in implementing business critical digital solutions. In this context Marc was involved in the creation of the first e-commerce site of Vanden Borre 20 years ago.

Specialized in e-commerce, Marc has, throughout his career, strengthened his knowledge in marketing and communication, particularly in the retail sector at the Solvay Brussels School and at the Vlerick School. Passionate about innovation, he participates in projects which aim improving customer experience, on-line and in store.