Dave Froidcoeur

Dave Froidcoeur
Head of Marketing Activations Hyper
Carrefour Belgium


Retail sector has been grappling with the internet for the past decades, and a lot of progress has been made in optimizing online channels to improve the shopper journey. Yet as digital technologies advance, the shortcomings of the retail sector’s approach to the online world are becoming increasingly apparent. At Carrefour we were challenged to Focus on the digitalization of the paper folder. Each week, tons and tons of paper are produced and distributed to the Belgian households trying to get those households into our stores. Retailers around the world have been looking for solutions to make the switch from paper to digital, still, there have been no huge success stories as yet. At Carrefour, we have been looking for solutions to make this switch from paper to digital through multiple tests during this summer. Together with our partners (Capital data, Havas, Addretail, Social lab,...) we came to some conclusions. And those conclusions are like our food habits... Last year they reversed our food triangle... Paper is the meat of your dish. In the old days it was the main part of your meal. Paper or meat is still eaten , but serving it with a large side dish of digital tastes better and is a lot healthier!   


Dave is an experienced Marketing Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the supermarkets industry. He’s skilled in Marketing Management, Activations, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Retail, Trade Marketing, and Store Management. Dave has 15 years' experience as a retail and marketing specialist in Carrefour. He started his career in the stores as manager in as well food as non-food departments. After 4 years in sales he joined the concept team and worked on the marketing aspect of the renovation of the 45 Hypermarkets. 3 years later he joined the marketing team for the Hypermarkets as manager of the instore Marketing department. Since January 2018 Dave became responsible for all the Marketing Activations for the Hypermarkets (40 stores and 8500 employees). Biggest challenge nowadays is the digitalisation of our weekly folder promotions and communications. Besides running at Carrefour, Dave enjoys running as sports and spending time with his wife and 2 daughters in the lovely city of Tienen.