Tom Husson

Tom Husson

Exponential Organisations: Why new organisations are 10x better, faster & cheaper than yours

Why is it that Marriot needs 4 years to add 30.000 hotel rooms where AirBnB needs a week for the same capacity expansion? What are the fundamental differences in organisational design? While both organisations have access to the same exponential tools, what differs in their way of using them? Can you learn to use them in the same, outperforming way?

In this talk, we’ll look at a 21st century digital operating model for your organisations and what you need to successfully adopt this model.


Tom is a creative, entrepreneurial strategist with a focus on unlocking value through paradigm shifts with technology. Tom thrives when conceptualising & figuring out a way to execute “something new”. With experience leading & managing a team of 25+ people, a technical background (BS in CS) and business understanding (founded multiple initiatives), he's well-positioned to be a switch operator between various interests from diverse specialists & stakeholders. His founding experience has him well versed in innovative fail-fast principles, customer discovery & development, design sprints and all that founding jazz which crystalizes a vision in "the real world". Currently, he is working on building out Humain NV, an AI co-creation agency focused on helping organisation become exponential organisations by adopting Intelligent Automation to evolve their business & create exponential growth.