Jo Caudron

Jo Caudron
Founding Partner

The World is Round - in search of an optimistic future, beyond Corona

Digital disruption has forced many industries to adjust to the new reality. Every sector has its own perfect storm to deal with in order to use the digital forces to their advantage and as such define their new position. But what if this is only the beginning? What if it’s not enough for an industry to look for just their own transformation plan? What if our society changes fundamentally, partly because of digitalisation but even more by today’s challenges such as the future of working, living, climate, health or education? 


Jo Caudron looks for links between each of these social transformations and how they - when combined - become a Metastorm - an overarching series of perfect storms with at its centre the future of work, living and mobility. Jo is a digital pioneer with over 25 years of experience. He is a transformation strategist, passionate about innovation and change and how digital is impacting society and business. As a well-known keynote speaker, he has been on hundreds of stages, in about every European country and beyond. He is also one of the first to translate his keynotes to Corona-proof digital events. He has (co-)written several books on different transformational topics. His latest book The World Is Round (De Wereld Is Rond) deals with the transformation of society and how to plan for that, beyond Corona. He is also an advisor to many companies in different industries: finance, media, retail, industrial, food, ... He does this from his strategy boutique Scopernia, with offices in Ghent and Dubai.